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Content writing – Highest paying job | How content writing helps to make money

Content writing - the highest paying job

What is content writing?

Content writing is one of the topmost sectors in the digital industry and it is the highest paying job in india Content writing is all about producing informational and promotional content for particular products or services. Content writing is one of the highest paying jobs around the world. 

Do you think you have the power of creating an impact on something with your writing skill? If yes, You are the one, the digital industries Searching for.

Let me explain. In the 21st century, 98 percent of business has been transformed to the digital which means almost all the business platforms are providing and promoting their services online.

The only way to promote their business online is “content”. Whatever the digital platform, content is playing a vital role over there. So, “Content is King”.

Content writing is one of the highest paying jobs in the 21st century. So if you can able to write something about some things like products, services, places, gadgets, clothes, bikes, cars, etc… You are in demand.

Let’s see how content writing helps you to get more money.

The following ways are helping you to make money by content writing,

  • Writing content for business website
  • Through paid guest blogging
  • Writing eBooks 
  • Creating social media contents
  • Creating content for E-Mail Campaign
  • Creating content for audio’s (podcasts) and video(Youtube)

Not only these above-mentioned opportunities are available to make money by content writing. if there is a need for content, you will be needed there. That is the power of content, that is why content writing is the highest paying job in India and around the world.

Hope you got some information about content writing and the benefits of content writing.

Share and comment on your thoughts on the content Writing.

top 3 modules of digital marketing to Grow your Business

What is digital Marketing? - blogsnaga

Online Marketing, also called as Digital Marketing. let’s see how your business gets benefits from the top 3 modules of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing but advertising your business services or product through online channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc… Digital Marketing is an alternate choice of Traditional Marketing.

In the 21st century, Digital Marketing plays better than Traditional Marketing.

You can ask me WHY?

It because, Everyone using smartphones with an internet connection. And Everything has become digitalized.

Yes, we are living in the Digital Era. we all are on social media and using it.

That’s the reason, Digital Marketing is on top.

In Digital Marketing, you can easily find out your target customer for your own business, if your business is online. Also, you will get more ideas to improve your business standards. 

How does Digital Marketing help to grow your business?

You can grow your online business by, top three modules of Digital Marketing,

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing

These above three modules can help you to grow your business online. Also if you are enough skilled in these modules you will get a high-paying job in the digital industry.

Let’s see one by one,

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the process of optimizing your website by understanding the algorithms, suggestions, and rules and regulations of the particular search engine.

There are more than 80% of internet users using the Google search engine for their searches, So this explains Google is the major Search Engine used by the people in the world.

Google giving solutions for nearly 3.5 billion searches per day. In that at least 5% of searches might be regarding your business products. So, if your business website is fully optimized with Good SEO metrics, your website will rank on top of the Google search engine rank pages, which means you are getting a customer for your business.

So, if you want to optimize your website, you need to follow the Google guidelines for SEO.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) is the kind of advertising your products, services, or your business through Search Engines. In SEM you need to pay for promoting your business or services, whereas in SEO is completely organic, you no need to pay anything to the search engine.

How SEM Works,

  • In order to do SEM for your business, you need to create an Ad copy, that’s an advertisement for your business or services. 
  • After that, you need to submit your ad copy to your search engine(Google, bing, yahoo) by choosing the bidding amount.
  • Once you were done with the above steps, Now search engine promotes your ad copies in the Search Engine Rank Pages(SERP’S). 
  • Your ad copies will list on the top of the organic results, sometimes in the bottom or next pages depend on your bidding strategy.
  • Now, if a user searching for something regarding your business or services, the search engine displays your ads. If the user clicks on your ad your bidding amount (CPC) will be deducted from your account to the search engine.

*CPC – Cost per Click

This is also called Pay Per Click (PPC).

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) is a well-known marketing strategy knows by all the ordinary people who were using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc…

In SMM, we can choose our target audience, their interest, and their demographics, and some more metrics. By that, we can promote our business or services to our potential audience who hangs more time on social media channels.

Each channel using their unique methods for promoting your business, but the goals are the same.

In recent days, Social Media marketing helps a lot of business to grow, it because most of the people handing in social media in their free time. So we can create brand awareness over there to take our business one step ahead.

Nowadays most social platforms are changing into a business platform to promote our business or services apart from entertainment.

That is the reason, SMM playing a vital role in Digital Marketing.


So, The scope of Digital Marketing is at a peak. It’s helping a lot of businesses to grow up, also you can also be chosen as a Carrier if you looking for job. A lot of companies looking for Digital Marketers nowadays to scale up their business on digital platforms.

I hope you have got some useful information about Digital Marketing and its top three modules. We will see other modules of digital marketing in the following posts.

Singles’ Day sales in China is about $38.4 billion. Alibaba is on top, breaking last year’s record.

Single's day - Alibaba

A country’s biggest online shopping company breaks its own last year’s record.

Alibaba collects $38.4 billion in a single day on Single’s day, which is an increase of about 25% over last year’s $30.8 billion.

Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst for the Asia Pacific at Oanda saying that “deeply discounting prices always bring consumers out to play, no matter how bad the economy might be.”


Alibaba’s chief marketing officer Chris Tung told that “We continue to feel very confident about the growth potential of the economy.”

Single’s day is an informal, anti- Valentine’s Day holiday in China, people celebrating who aren’t in relationships.

Its date, November 11(11/11), was chosen because of the date with four ones (singles).

Wow, it’s interesting. In India, many of us were single’s and we celebrate single’s day on Feb 2nd.

Also, it’s better to announce it as a government holiday, So that we can celebrate peacefully.

You may wonder, why I am showing this much interest in this because I belong to a single community for so many years. So, I want to get recognition for my community. That is why.

Hope if you are single, will have this feeling too. So, share this post with all singles you know and make single’s proud.

What are the types of income! You should know in your 20’s – Blogsnaga

what are the types of income

We are surviving in 21st Century Right, still, there is a myth in ourselves that if we get a job in a good organization, our lives will be settled, isn’t it?

May be yes! i’m not sure…

But what happened when COVID 19 Came to us in the year 2020. It was a big pandemic situation all around the world. Everyone’s beliefs and hopes have vanished. Life will become a tragedy.

So many lives were collapsed, Even a millionaire can’t able to save their lives.

Yes! We knew all the scenario’s which COVID brings us. COVID 19 thought us so many things in our lives.

I realized one thing “ Nothing is permanent”  other than the Coronavirus…..?

Now I’m gonna tell you one of the non-permanent things this – Your job. Isn’t it? Did you know how many of them lost their job in this pandemic situation?

The article published on thehindu.com tells that, Over 12 crore people in India lost their jobs in April – 2020

Now think yourself, Does 9 to 5 job will give you the lifetime settlement?

Not Exactly, If you are surviving through a single source of income you will be in the danger zone of life. That is why you should know what are the types of income you can earn.

Let’s know what are the types of income:

  1.         Earned Income
  2.         Portfolio income
  3.         Passive income

According to Robert Kiyosaki, He said, he became a multi-millionaire after understanding these different types of income in his life.

Come on, Let’s see what it is. I hope it will give some financial knowledge to your brain.

Earned Income

In the world population, Around 85% of people making money through earned income. Now you can answer, what is earned income?. JOB! Right?. Yes, if you are going for a 9 – 5 job for a Monthly salary or doing some work for some hours so that you get paid, these income are called earned income, Here your are exchanging your time for money.

In India, salaries are calculated based on the hours you spent, generally 8hours/day. Here salaries are negotiable by the employer but time will remain the same. Anyhow you are giving your own time to your employer and get back money for that, in terms of salary.

Employees and self employees fall into this category, they have money and time but they don’t have financial freedom. If they have a job okay. Suddenly layoff comes, their situation is getting worse.

Portfolio income 

In the case of earned income, you were exchange time for money. Now you need to know the difference between portfolio income and earned income. Portfolio income is about your money management. 

If you have a lot of money you can use it in many ways. Either you spend it on buying things or partying, etc…. And also investing in something. 

Here,  I mean buying stocks, If you are buying stocks of a particular company and selling it when price value increases.you will get a portfolio income. 

 For eg; if you are buying 10,000 shares for 1 lakh rupees, and imagine after two months the price value of 10000 shares is  2 lakh rupees. 

Now, If you are selling that 10.000 shares, you will get a profit of 1lakh rupees, that profit income is called portfolio income. 

Your money brings you the money over time. Now you can also understand the concept of money makes money.

Now you have a clear idea about what is portfolio income is.

Passive income

After understanding the above two types of income, you guys are curious about knowing the third one right? Yes, which is called Passive income.

Okay, let us find out, what is passive income? The answer is present in the question itself.

That is. The word “Passive”. We all know how passive voice works, Right. The same thing applies here.

In the above two-incomes, you are involving directly, which means you have to there physically at the spot. But in the passive income, you are going to act indirectly, which means you are not supposed to be in the spot physically.

What is passive income?

The passive income is an income that comes to you even you are sleeping. Eg, renting houses, Affiliate marketing, Dividend stocks, Saving accounts, etc.. if you are renting houses you will get money every month without any hustle from you. Your assets bring you the money.


Okay, Hope you have a basic understanding of what are the types of income? Share with your friends who need this to know. Comment us your understanding and suggestions. And comment us some passive incomes you know.

Running out of oxygen in Delhi! Situation to get pure oxygen @299 for 15 mins.

Oxy pure center

The capital of India is Struggling to get oxygen. This shows that how much we polluted the natural air and get suffering from toxic air pollution.

Air pollution in delhi

A recent study says that Delhi has had only 2 days of breathable oxygen since 2017. This made us realize how we are failing to save our capital.

Oxy pure @Saket Road, Delhi.

So, if you want to get pure oxygen in Delhi you need to go for Oxy pure in Saket road which is Launched in May this year by Aryavir Kumar.

According to India today, Bonny Irengbam, head of staff, said,

We provide oxygen for fifteen minutes by controlling the pressure of the atmosphere with different flavor’s The customer is provided with a tube and the person is required to inhale the flavoured pure oxygen from it.

Customers can choose what kind of flavor, they want to inhale.

The aromas you may choose from following,

vanilla, cherry, almond, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, gardenias, cinnamon, wintergreen, and lavender.

The prices vary from each aroma, customers can switch to other flavors also in mid of the session.

How we get pure oxygen

The gas is produced by the oxygen concentrators, which separate the nitrogen and other unwanted gases with a molecular filter to produce pure oxygen of about 95%.

So, you can get your flavored pure oxygen for 15 minutes at the price of 299. And it’s only 15 minutes for a day, not more than that.

It’s really hard to say, “Thinking that we are developing but the reality is the above case!”

Today India’s capital, Tomorrow????????????????

We all having a responsibility to save our country, THINK ABOUT IT! JAIHINDH!

Moto razr| coming soon | A foldable mobile phone

Moto razr - expensive mobile in india

Hey, I want you to go 10 years back where we all have used or seen the flip-flob mobile in the Motorola series right!

Do you think, Now it is possible to bring back the same foldable Smart phones with the latest features?

The answer is YES, it was already done, The Samsung galaxy Fold is the first foldable mobile in India, which was launched on OCT 1, 2019

Now, The second foldable mobile phone is getting ready to launch in India and will be an expecting most expensive mobile in India.

The name is Moto razr, an expensive mobile in India.

The Moto razr is expected to sell it at nearly Rs 1.4 lakhs, including all import taxes.

Let’s get inside into the mobile,

Moto Razr Specifictions:

Processor: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor.

Storage: 128 GB of internal storage

Memory(RAM): 6 GB

Battery: 2510 mAh which is non removable

Charging:15 W Turbo power charging

Display: Main Display contains Flex view which as 6.2″ foldable poled, HD display( 2142 x 876p ) and 21.9 Cinemavision

External Display which has Quick View:, 2.7” OLED,600 x 800p, 4:3 aspect ratio

Folding hinge:

The Moto razr uses a hinge to help the folding part of the mobile display. Moto razr has used the dual- hinge design for the rigidity and reduced the gaps, which is actually helps to prevent as much debris insertion in the hinge system.


There are two cameras in Moto razr 16 MP Rear single camera with an F1.7 lens when folded this camera is used to take a selfie. moreover, there is another camera inside which has 5 MP for taking selfies.

Color : noir black

The plastic folding display contains additional protective layers to resist scratches and damages.

Price in India:

The Moto razr is an import product. So,it’s cost close to 30,000 in duties and taxes. Thereby the price of Moto razr will be 1.4 lakhs.

Wow, such a nice mobile is getting ready to launch in India. The price is also awesome. From my Knowledge, The cost of this expensive mobile in India is the Annual salary package of some Engineers in India.

Those who know what are the types of income and earning money from different streams can afford this mobile. If you want to know the types of income check the recent posts.

Okay, Anyway if you wish to buy this expensive mobile, buy it from the below link and see some other specifications that we might miss in this post.