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Moto razr - expensive mobile in india

Hey, I want you to go 10 years back where we all have used or seen the flip-flob mobile in the Motorola series right!

Do you think, Now it is possible to bring back the same foldable Smart phones with the latest features?

The answer is YES, it was already done, The Samsung galaxy Fold is the first foldable mobile in India, which was launched on OCT 1, 2019

Now, The second foldable mobile phone is getting ready to launch in India and will be an expecting most expensive mobile in India.

The name is Moto razr, an expensive mobile in India.

The Moto razr is expected to sell it at nearly Rs 1.4 lakhs, including all import taxes.

Let’s get inside into the mobile,

Moto Razr Specifictions:

Processor: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor.

Storage: 128 GB of internal storage

Memory(RAM): 6 GB

Battery: 2510 mAh which is non removable

Charging:15 W Turbo power charging

Display: Main Display contains Flex view which as 6.2″ foldable poled, HD display( 2142 x 876p ) and 21.9 Cinemavision

External Display which has Quick View:, 2.7” OLED,600 x 800p, 4:3 aspect ratio

Folding hinge:

The Moto razr uses a hinge to help the folding part of the mobile display. Moto razr has used the dual- hinge design for the rigidity and reduced the gaps, which is actually helps to prevent as much debris insertion in the hinge system.


There are two cameras in Moto razr 16 MP Rear single camera with an F1.7 lens when folded this camera is used to take a selfie. moreover, there is another camera inside which has 5 MP for taking selfies.

Color : noir black

The plastic folding display contains additional protective layers to resist scratches and damages.

Price in India:

The Moto razr is an import product. So,it’s cost close to 30,000 in duties and taxes. Thereby the price of Moto razr will be 1.4 lakhs.

Wow, such a nice mobile is getting ready to launch in India. The price is also awesome. From my Knowledge, The cost of this expensive mobile in India is the Annual salary package of some Engineers in India.

Those who know what are the types of income and earning money from different streams can afford this mobile. If you want to know the types of income check the recent posts.

Okay, Anyway if you wish to buy this expensive mobile, buy it from the below link and see some other specifications that we might miss in this post.

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