Running out of oxygen in Delhi! Situation to get pure oxygen @299 for 15 mins.

Oxy pure center

The capital of India is Struggling to get oxygen. This shows that how much we polluted the natural air and get suffering from toxic air pollution.

Air pollution in delhi

A recent study says that Delhi has had only 2 days of breathable oxygen since 2017. This made us realize how we are failing to save our capital.

Oxy pure @Saket Road, Delhi.

So, if you want to get pure oxygen in Delhi you need to go for Oxy pure in Saket road which is Launched in May this year by Aryavir Kumar.

According to India today, Bonny Irengbam, head of staff, said,

We provide oxygen for fifteen minutes by controlling the pressure of the atmosphere with different flavor’s The customer is provided with a tube and the person is required to inhale the flavoured pure oxygen from it.

Customers can choose what kind of flavor, they want to inhale.

The aromas you may choose from following,

vanilla, cherry, almond, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, gardenias, cinnamon, wintergreen, and lavender.

The prices vary from each aroma, customers can switch to other flavors also in mid of the session.

How we get pure oxygen

The gas is produced by the oxygen concentrators, which separate the nitrogen and other unwanted gases with a molecular filter to produce pure oxygen of about 95%.

So, you can get your flavored pure oxygen for 15 minutes at the price of 299. And it’s only 15 minutes for a day, not more than that.

It’s really hard to say, “Thinking that we are developing but the reality is the above case!”

Today India’s capital, Tomorrow????????????????

We all having a responsibility to save our country, THINK ABOUT IT! JAIHINDH!

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